In June we surveyed a selection of businesses to learn what business in Henderson / Central Park see as the opportunities and challenges facing the area, and what can be done to make our place a more desirable location for businesses and their customers. What is your primary concern from a business perspective for your precinct?

The answers made interesting reading:

  • Do you think Henderson / Central Park is generally getting better or worse as a place to do business?
    Answers were divided between ‘Staying the same’ & ‘Getting worse’
  • Please describe the main challenges facing businesses in Henderson / Central Park?
    Divided between;
    Crime & security issues, Transport accessibility & Car parking – and, slightly larger – People’s perceptions of Henderson / Central Park.
  • What actions do you think could be taken to make Henderson / Central Park a more desirable place for your business and your customers?
    This was very even between;
    Attractiveness of town centre, Networking, Improving facilities for customers, Business collaboration & Events

AND importantly;

There may be an opportunity to develop a new Business Improvement District (BID) in Henderson / Central Park to improve the area for local businesses, attract more customers and improve opportunities for businesses here

  • How interested would you be in belonging to such an organisation?

Here the answers were evenly split between three: Very interested, Somewhat interested & Neutral.

So c’mon Local Business, lets unite for all of us – we now have the opportunity to set this in motion. Your association is going well and getting stronger by the month, but let’s secure ongoing sustainability. Not leave it up to a few fellow companies (volunteering their time), advocating for all of our businesses.

In our next issue we’ll look at answers to the question; If such an organisation (BID) were to exist, what services should it focus on to improve your business?