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Henderson Town Centre (HTC) Plan

Many of your local agencies and organisations have joined forces to develop the Henderson Town Centre Community-led Plan to make Henderson a safe and fun place to visit and do business. We will keep you posted on meeting updates and outcomes here.

HTC Community-led Plan Update

DECEMBER 2020 The Police, Henderson-Massey Local Board in partnership with the Central Park Henderson Business Association, agencies and local stakeholders are happy to report that some positive progress of activities from its HTC Community-led Plan are tracking well to enhance safety and well-being across the Henderson Town Centre. Our CCTV sub-group team have been working closely together, taking a coordinated technical approach to ensure a collective approach is taken on the use of CCTV cameras as a resource for the [...]

Standing Together to Support Henderson

OCTOBER 2020 Standing together! As three of our West leaders, Henderson-Massey Local Board Chairman, Chris Carter, Police Area Commander, Inspector Stefan Sagar and Kelvin Armstrong, Chairman of the Central Park Henderson Business Association have come together in unity, along with agencies and local community stakeholders to support a community-led approach which has steered the way to the development and the creation of the (HTC) Henderson Town Centre Community-led Plan. The plan is supported by many stakeholders including the local Police, [...]

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