Business in Henderson: be part of the West!

Today, the CPHB area contains over 1,200 businesses and 1,000 property owners, representing more than two billion dollars in capital value for commercial properties. In the last census there were approximately 45,000 employed adults (people aged 15 years and over) in the Henderson–Massey local board area.

The business precinct is home to many iconic and award winning companies. In true West Auckland style, Central Park Henderson business people are earnest, down to earth and hard working. We truly are a community which supports one another.

We are conveniently located along the North-Western motorway (SH16) and represent the gateway between the hustle and bustle from Auckland’s CBD and the stunning Waitakere Ranges in the West.  Henderson has much to offer businesses, since we have a great mix between retail, hospitality, commercial and industrial businesses, making it easy for people to do all their business in one place.

Henderson has an established town centre rich in history, with a unique story and strengths, a diverse and youthful population, which make it an attractive area for current and future residents to live, learn, work, and play in.

‘Hendo’ as its affectionally known to locals, is also unique as a place where two waterways flow directly through its centre, the Twin Streams of Opanuku and Waitakere. These streams merge within the middle at Cranwell Park to form Henderson Creek, making the town look and feel greener than many other centres.

The Unitary Plan enables significant growth in Henderson over the next 25 years and the centre has the potential to grow as a high-quality, safe, attractive, and vibrant mixed-use business and residential destination.

We have a public transport hub right in the middle of the district. Train and bus stations allow for transport into and around the area. With everything our area has to offer already, as well as all the future improvements, Henderson is a very sought-after place to do business in Auckland. We are the growing heart of the West! Now is the best time to become part of Henderson’s bright future.