One definition of a Business Improvement District (BID), is a community of local business thinking and working to the future, collaboratively. It is a future-proofed, self-funded & business led vehicle, that we as business and property owners, together with management,  can make a difference within our own commonality.

You may ask what’s in it for me?

A business association, is an organisation founded and funded by businesses for the good of its members – or, in the case of a BID; businesses and commercial properties within the entire area of the identified boundary. A fair and equitable contribution from all businesses, for the benefit of ALL! Not just a few contributing to the benefit of all.

Probably a better question is –

What difference will it make to our/my locality?

What changes do we need in our/my community? 

Security seems to be important to many. You may have noticed some cameras located around Henderson central, there is certainly none in the Central Park precinct. We have asked the local board about cameras in the Henderson township with varying degrees of success.

Assuming they were part of some past project, technology has moved on immensely. We are investigating camera connectivity within the possible BID area. These may link with emergency services for the security of all.

With a ‘BID’ in place; The business association would seek to form a joint venture with the Henderson-Massey Local Board to identify, look at upgrading and linking cameras to services. To have security cameras professionally managed with the probably of adding new sites. To identify best locations i.e. trouble spots, to work with stakeholders in a cohesive way so that business and community can go about their activities confidently, and unimpeded.