Youth FULL – Land, Learn & Earn

A digital destination for unemployed youth aged 16 -24 years to up-skill and grow their understanding of job-seeking, career decision-making, and how to sell their brand in a highly competitive market.

YouthFULL – Youth FULL of potential

We know that for many young people starting out in their careers, finding work can be tough. Not knowing what employers want, or how to sell their skills and experience can become a huge barrier.  So we created YouthFull, a place where youth can get a helping hand to land their first jobs.

YouthFull supports young people and employers to come together, so employers are helping develop the young talent they need for the jobs they offer.

The YouthFull courses, provided by the Joy Business Academy (JBA), have been developed based on what employers have said are the skills they need in young employees.

And YouthFull’s unique job pitching loop enables young people to see what skills a job requires, and learn those skills before putting together a job application pitch, then getting feedback from the employer so they know what they did well or what to work on if they didn’t get that job.

There’s also a place on YouthFull for young innovators and entrepreneurs, who can learn the skills they need and pitch for funding for their enterprise ideas.

YouthFULL – Benefits for Employers

Investing in futures: Aptitude and Attitude

YouthFull is a new digital destination for youth employment.  It allows job-seekers to access a range of online tools and learning resources that enable them to get work-ready, while building their employment profile.  The benefits for employers engaging with YouthFull are:

Short Term Gain – the ability to access potential employees, view their employability profile, and hand-pick suitable candidates.  This includes navigating away from traditional recruitment channels that often don’t speak authentically to a specific target market.

 Medium Term Influence – the opportunity to co-design online learning as thought-leader and content provider, ensuring alignment of specific work readiness skills to fit the organisation..

 Long Term Change – partnering with YouthFull is about influencing systems change so the future workforce is much more educated, exposed and informed about the career pathways and recruitment practices; therefore, growing the pipeline of talent able to adapt to the ever-changing world of work.

As we build on the partnership Youth Connections and CPHB have formed for 2018 and beyond, YouthFull provides a platform to further connect youth-ready employers to work-ready young people. We are seeking businesses to come onboard to use ‘YouthFull’ (free). A workshop is in planning as a pilot to assist member employers in the use of this digital platform. The portal is free for members to list positions and engage our West Auckland Youth.

For any enquiries regarding Youth Connections in West Auckland, please contact – Dom Leauga (Specialist Broker) (021) 0821 0262 or email: