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with Katija Vlatkovich

A Central Park Henderson Workshop

As the CEO of the award-winning digital marketing agency Misfit Digital, she has successfully helped numerous businesses in New Zealand and Australia leverage digital tools and strategies to achieve exponential growth and profitability.

Katija is also a recognised thought leader and advisor in the digital space, serving as an Office Hours Advisor at Startup Victoria and as a Thought Leader & Advisor at the B2B eCommerce Association of Australia. She has a wealth of experience in helping businesses of all sizes harness the power of digital technologies to drive sales and build long-term success.  She also founded clinkdrink.co.nz, a gin subscription e-commerce business in New Zealand.

Her insights and guidance are highly valued by businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Whether developing effective digital marketing strategies, building robust e-commerce platforms, or harnessing the latest technologies to improve lead-generation strategies,

Katija’s expertise is helping businesses transform and thrive in the digital age.