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Dave and Elaine Hargreaves’ welcome you to their Mitre 10 MEGA store on Lincoln Road, Henderson.

The store has undergone some further renovations, and they are delighted to present them to attendees in what is sure to be a wonderful repeat of their BA5 last year.

At 13,000 square metres it’s currently the largest Mitre 10 MEGA store in the country and that takes some servicing, supplying and running.

And while it’s big, that’s not what pleases the Hargreaves most about their store, and its partner, their Mitre 10 MEGA store at Westgate, a few kilometres up the road. Which, says Dave, is presently “merely mid-sized” at 10,000sq metres but soon to be half as big again with the addition of 5,000sq metres. Yes, looking to take the mantle from her ‘sister store’.

What really exemplifies their work ethic at both places is the service that they provide to the West Auckland community,

“There is absolutely no substitute for great customer service. We like to think that both our stores are more than just a business, we believe in providing a superior level of service to the community” says Dave.