Why employ young people in West Auckland?

Our focus is to bridge the gap between the untapped potential of young people and the business challenge of finding and keeping the best talent.

Employing Youth can bring a range of benefits to our businesses.

  • To build a sustainable workforce for the long-term future of your business.
    • By developing local talent, can help promote and raise the profile of your business.
    • Investing in the early training and development of staff is a recognised way of retaining employees.
  • Be part of the ‘Live, Learn & Earn Local’ mantra often repeated, as an effective strategy for local youth to learn skills in our businesses without time spent, and the cost of traveling.
  • Fill entry-level positions to train for your skills gaps, to fit specific roles, and connect to youth customer segments and local communities.
  • Bring in diversity, fresh ideas and new technologies through Technical Institutes and Universities – UNITEC has been a member of CPHB since our formation.
  • Engaging in work experience programs (Gateway) and supporting career expos with local colleges i.e. Jobfest West which was highly successful.
  • CPHB engage with member schools who are already grooming youth for various industries and roles through their Vocational Pathways.
  • Experience shows us, that these pathways often result in internships or trade apprenticeships in their chosen field, for the keen candidate.

Registration at JobFest West