This, the first in a series of articles to clear any mist around the creating of a Business Improvement District and its benefits to the local economy.

By now most of you know of the CPHBA, its governing body of 8 board volunteers, and our sole contractor, business development manager Garry Bates, who many of you already know.

Our objective is to fill the gap between business, local & regional government and of course, our community.

It is well known the Super City concept has pretty much left West Auckland out of many infrastructure improvement projects, though from the discussions we have had with our Local Board representatives (on your behalf) they are working hard to get more for us.

The importance of our voice from a business perspective has to take the highest importance. This is the advocacy roll of your business association.

By us having a collectively strong voice, we will be heard and are more likely to achieve success.

Collecting information from community, building relationships, credibility and mana whilst being sustainable through our membership program and communication tools, is achievable, but as an association we know we can do a lot more.

How – by the creation of a Business Improvement District

Just a quick search on google shows it’s successes in NZ and around the World.

The value/role of Business Improvement District programmes varies between the partners involved:

Business associations operating a Business Improvement District programme:

  • Provides opportunities for business improvement, through the provision of services, support, advocacy and initiatives to enhance the local business environment.
  • Provides a regular sustainable income stream to enable participating associations to deliver on their strategic and business plans. Essentially, to take a long-term view of economic opportunities within the area.
  • Encourages local business investment, identity and economic development.

Local boards:

  • Working collaboratively to achieve greater local outcomes.
  • A mechanism to enable local boards to engage with the business sector in local town centres and business areas in a co-ordinated way.

The governing body:

  • The overall (regional) programme works towards the vision of creating the world’s most liveable city by facilitating economic development and business sector pride and prosperity.

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