The original Central Park Business Association (CPBA) was established in 2008 in recognition of the business community that had formed naturally by virtue of shared proximity, to create a collective voice for dealing with issues that affect our businesses – traffic, parking, security, crime, et al.

In December 2015, the CPBA engaged the Rosebank Business Association (RBA), a successful commercial/industrial area of then, similar size to CPBA, to help reinvigorate and manage its services to the point of self-sufficiency.

Why –

After the merger of the Local Councils into one – now Auckland Council & the demise of the former, exceptional Waitakere Enterprise which was absorbed into the regional business development model ATEED

This left West Auckland business without the infrastucture to deliver a local stronger voice on key advocacy-based issues & links with AC, CCO’s, AT and other key WA leadership & governance requirements

In 2017 saw Central Park and Henderson Lincoln Business Associations formally merge to create Central Park Henderson Business (CPHB).

In true West Auckland fashion, Central Park Henderson business people are earnest, down to earth and hard working. We are also supportive of each other.

Following the merger, the West Auckland Business Club (WABC) came under the umbrella of CPHB as part of the new Business Group, WEST AUCKLAND BUSINESS. The iconic WABC brand was retained, which includes the Business after 5’s (BA5) the West’s premier networking events, and their Breakfast/Lunch forums, together with the BNZ West Auckland Hall of Fame.

Members of Central Park Henderson Business have priority booking opportunities at these events.

In 2018, 170+ companies have joined this refreshed association which is growing fast – the appetite remains for a coming together of businesses in the area, and many of West Auckland’s most successful companies have jumped on board.

CPHB provides communication tools for members to be kept informed; an online directory to promote business-to-business interaction, as well as business development events and workshops.

The area contains over 1200 businesses and 1000 property owners, representing more than two billion dollars in capital value commercial properties. In the last census there were approximately 45,000 employed adults (people aged 15 years and over) in the Henderson–Massey local board area.